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Release date 24th March. "I'm sure many people would adore it." Dónal Lunny.
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World Woodwind

This section includes some of the more unusual woodwind instruments we sell. From the Andes and Romania we have Pan Pipes, and you will also find Didjeridoos and Chinese flutes. See also the related pages for shawms, folk reedwind and woodwind toys. We have a big range of folk woodwind instruments from around the world. more
Atlas Peruvian Zampona Panpipe Double 13 note, brown bamboo
Atlas 15 Note Cane Pan Pipe in C Made from maple. Complete with carry case
Atlas Tri-Tone Samba Whistle perfect for Samba bands
Alice Didgeridoo - Band
ACME4 Tri-tone Samba Whistle, Metal Solid brass professional model
ACME3 Tri-tone Samba Whistle, Plastic This whistle will give you a multitude of creative notes
Johnny Cope Small Brass Nepali Jews Harp Small
Aztec Flower Flute. .
Travel Didgeridoo. .
Travel-Didge, sax-mango wood. .
Didge by A. Furlan 'E' 180cm . f. ibreglass, cloth-wrapped
Didge by A. Furlan in 'C' - 63'', with bag
Water buffalo horn
Native American style flute in G. Living branch.
Morsing. Rajasthan made. Brass. Peacock design.
Morsing. Rajasthan made. Brass. Afgani style.
Buffalo horn trumpet. Plain, polished. 14inches.
Native American style flute in G#m by Steve Frost. 2016.
English ox horn trumpet. 15inches long. Great sound.
Vargan 'ultrabass'. Ukranian jaw harp.
Vargan 'Ascension', Russian jaw harp.
Vargan 'sledge'. Russian jaw harp
Munnharp in B. By Borcha, Made in Brazil
Kyrgiz jaw harp. Cased.
Ukranian jaw harp.
Atlas Wood Didgeridoo, painted With intricate painted decoration
Alice Didgeridoo - Geometric
Alice Didgeridoo - Lizard
Johnny Cope Medium Brass Nepali Jews Harp
Johnny Cope Large Brass Nepali Jews Harp
Handmade Greek Agave Didgeridoo 2
Handmade Didgeridoo from OzAboriginal. Yellow Box or Malee great sound with bag
Pink Travel Didgeridoo, key of C major
Boehm Bansuri
Shakuhachi Low E Madake 3s
Scandanavian wood Horn, 56inch, two piece
Chinese Bamboo Membrane Flute
Dizi Flute
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