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Try the instruments for yourself! Each shop has a huge and varied stock of new and secondhand instruments.
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Latest Release: Jacquelyn Hynes - Silver & Wood
Release date 24th March. "I'm sure many people would adore it." Dónal Lunny.
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Other Folk Woodwind

Wind Instruments > Other Folk Woodwind
We have a big range of folk woodwind instruments from around the world. Didgeridoos, Ocarinas, Pan pipes, Chinese Xiao and Dizi flutes. Instruments with reeds include Sheng, Hulusi, Bombarde, Chalumeaux and Zaphoon. You can also get fun low price toys like kazoos and slide whistles.
Atlas Peruvian Zampona Panpipe Double 13 note, brown bamboo
Atlas 15 Note Cane Pan Pipe in C Made from maple. Complete with carry case
Alice Didgeridoo - Band
Alice Didgeridoo - Lizard
ACME4 Tri-tone Samba Whistle, Metal Solid brass professional model
ACME3 Tri-tone Samba Whistle, Plastic This whistle will give you a multitude of creative notes
Atlas Medium Ceramic Ocarina, in G 6 Hole in G
Atlas 12 Hole Ocarina, Cream Large plastic body. Alto C, chromatic
Atlas 12 Hole Ocarina, Pink Large plastic body. Alto C, chromatic
Atlas Chinese Flute, Brass Reeded Bamboo F flute, 2 piece with brass tuning slide
Atlas Hulusi Bamboo Pipe Decorated gourd mouthpiece with a bamboo drone and chanter in Bb
Atlas Hulusi Wooden Pipe Padouk coloured wood mouthpiece, drone and chanter in Bb
Sans Pocket Chalumeau in C Recorder fingering with a clarinet mouthpiece, one octave starting on Middle C
Sans Clariphone in C 2 1/2 octaves, single reeded instrument, from C to G. Chromatic
Atlas Wooden Train Whistle 2 tone simple whistle
Atlas AW-F22 Plastic Swannee Whistle Grey body with a wooden fipple. 23cm long
Atlas Plastic Coloured Kazoo, 12 box Box of 12 coloured Kazoos
ACME5 Slide/Swanee Whistle Black body
Contemporanea AP3W Samba Whistle Wood Bico de Pat
Ocarina Play Your Oc. 1 - Starting Off
Duduk in C with 1 Ramish Reeds
Duduk Bb with 1 Ramish Reeds
Johnny Cope Small Brass Nepali Jews Harp Small
Duduk in D with 1 Ramish Reeds
3d printed Bansuri Sax
Aztec Flower Flute. .
Travel Didgeridoo. .
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