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Latest Release: Jacquelyn Hynes - Silver & Wood
Release date 24th March. "I'm sure many people would adore it." Dónal Lunny.
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Atlas Wind Instruments

Traditional Instruments from around the globe
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For more information about any of our products, please call us on 0333 800 9500 or email We stock most of these products in all of our UK shops, but if there's something in particular you'd like to see please contact your nearest branch before travelling.
Atlas Xiao Chinese Flute End blown bamboo Flute
Atlas Peruvian Zampona Panpipe Double 13 note, brown bamboo
Atlas 15 Note Cane Pan Pipe in C Made from maple. Complete with carry case
Atlas Medium Ceramic Ocarina, in G 6 Hole in G
Atlas 12 Hole Ocarina, Blue Large plastic body. Alto C, chromatic
Atlas 12 Hole Ocarina, Pink Large plastic body. Alto C, chromatic
Atlas Chinese Flute, Brass Reeded Bamboo F flute, 2 piece with brass tuning slide
Atlas Hulusi Bamboo Pipe Decorated gourd mouthpiece with a bamboo drone and chanter in Bb
Atlas Hulusi Wooden Pipe Padouk coloured wood mouthpiece, drone and chanter in Bb
Atlas Wooden Train Whistle 2 tone simple whistle
Atlas Plastic Coloured Kazoo, 12 box Box of 12 coloured Kazoos
Atlas Wood Didgeridoo, painted With intricate painted decoration
Atlas Small Ceramic Ocarina 6 Hole
Atlas Plastic Kazoo, Single. Silver Plastic silver coloured Kazoo