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Hobgoblin Folky Links Page

This section is for Musicians who are connected in some way with Hobgoblin Music, or whose sites have a link to Hobgoblin. Please book these acts!!

    Staff Bands
  • Sarah Mallinson & Debbie Warren Sarah is an accomplished and versatile singer, and works in Hobgoblin Music Leeds shop.
  • Blackthorn Band Sussex based Celtic and Folk four piece, featuring Pete and Mannie McClelland, Hobgoblin's founders.
  • ThingumaJig! Sussex, Kent & Surrey based Ceilidh and Barn Dance Band, featuring Pete & Mannie McClelland.
  • Montana Rain Americana five piece band including Nicola Rain and Pete McClelland.
  • Pinalou - Laid back Jazz/Dancefloor band featuring Dominik and Cris from Hobgoblin Bristol.
  • Malarchy - Gypsy, Klezmer & Eastern European music from Bristol based band featuring Cris Pierssene from Hobgoblin Bristol.
  • The Original Hot Punch - Yorkshire based ceilidh band with Russ Flemming from our Leeds branch
  • Northern Celts - London based band playing traditional Irish, Scottish and English music. Jacky Hynes who workes on and off in our London branch is a member.
  • Kin'sha - Hybrid trad/urban band, of which Mark McCabe in our Birmingham branch is a member.
  • The Father Teds - Lively pop/ Irish party band. Mark McCabe, Birmingham manager, plays Accordion.
  • Trio Gitano - Jamie Fekete from our Birmingham branch is part of this trio, who perform Jazz, Latin and Flamenco music.
    Staff Dance Teams
  • Broken Ankles Appalachian Dancers, featuring Chris Rudd our warehouse manager, and Matt French the Crawley repairman.
  • Persephone West Yorkshire women's side. Sarah Mallinson plays and dances. (Link currently not working)
  • Rampant Rooster Morris - Surrey Mixed side. Neil McRitchie plays melodeon.
  • Spen Valley Longsword - Traditional Yorkshire longsword team featuring Leeds' Russ Flemming (since 1974!)
    Our Music Friends
  • John & Liz Scholey Regular Callers with Pete & Mannie's ceilidh band ThingumaJig. Also offer line and latin dancing.
  • Ray Sargent An excellent and friendly barn dance caller, occasionally works with Pete & Mannies's Blackthorn Band.
  • Paul Sartin Editor of the Hampshire Dance Tunes book published by Hobgoblin, and well known musician with Bellowhead and Faustus.
  • Pugwash Band Kent based Ceilidh Band, featuring Neil McRitchie from the Hobgoblin Music Crawley shop.
  • Nick Pynn Great fiddler, guitarist and dulcimer player, part time member of Blackthorn Band when not touring with the likes of Arthur Brown, Robert Plant etc.
  • Martyn Wyndham Read Martyn is one of our favourite singers, and was inadvertently influential in the setting up of Hobgoblin in an outbuilding on his family's farm.
  • John Scott Cree Includes the Phatt B's homepage. John has been an occasional member of ThingumaJig as well, and his son Joe worked in the Crawley shop 1999 to 2000.
  • Flying Toads Sussex based Irish Music Band.
  • Richard Durrant Outstanding Classical Guitarist, closet folky and comedian. One of our first customers in 1976.
  • Contraband Kent based Barn Dance Band
  • Shave the Monkey An eclectic mix of Folk, Rock, Jazz and dance music.
  • The Silver Birch Folk Band North Lincolnshire Ceilidh Band.
  • Durty Linen Nottingham based Irish Music Band (not connected with Dirty Linen Magazine!)
  • Bracken Rigg Band South Yorkshire based Barn Dance band.
  • Inclognito An excellent site for this clog dance outfit.
  • Revue de Bresse Folk concert and dance band from the Bresse area of Eastern France.
  • Empty Vessels Folk Rock band from South East England.
  • Kathryn Tickell A very informative non-official site on this top Northumbrian Piper's Music.
  • Dempsey's Lot Birmingham based Irish Music Band.
  • Waldorf String Band Top South African traditional and folk band.
  • Licence to Ceilidh "Fast and Furious" London based Ceilidh band.
  • Free Spirit Band West Country based Ceildih band.
  • Graham White Singer/Songwriter from the Isle of Wight.
  • Dochas Band Czech Republic based Irish music band.
  • Reckless Elbow - Five piece acoustic band from the Wirral.
  • Perriot - Breton band based near Doncaster
  • Runt o the Litter - Band featuring Irish singer Mandy Green
  • Restless Music - Featuring Penny Davies and Roger Iliot, an Australian folk duo.
  • Granny's Hair UK Folk Roots Punk band, featuring Matt Szul, ex-Hobgoblin.
  • The Glenhoulachan Midgie Club Ceilidh Band Scottish / Celtic folk and Ceilidh band.
  • Heather Hawthorn Nottingham based Accordionist, can provide a Ceilidh band.
  • Bernard Cromarty - Manchester based singer and musician.
  • 1916 - Wild Irish Band based in lincolnshire play all over the world
  • Killorglin - Traditional irish Band
  • Bellows Scratchitt & Pluckitt - An East Midlands based Ceilidh / Barn dance band.
  • Boys from the Hill - Urban Welsh folk group
  • Tommy Martin - Ulileann piper based in St Louis, Missouri
  • Shaun T. Hunter - Winner of the Hobgoblin Acoustic & Roots award (of the Leeds Music Awards) 2006
  • Julie Ellison - Singer/Songwriter
  • Juliette Daum - Concertina Player
  • Tara Ganwar - Crawley Singer Songwriter, and regular Hobgoblin customer!
  • Celtic Knot - Irish Celidh band featuring Alex Percy, Phil Wilcox, Tess Livingstone and Sarah Mooney.
  • MK Dohl - A group of Drummers aged 8-18 who practice together at a friendly and energetic music workshop.
  • The Musicians' Union Now has a folk & roots section.
  • Find me the Sound Excellent database of musicians, bands, live music and more! Get yourself added to this site!
  • MusicLink Impressive database of music related contacts and links
  • Hybrid Studios Detailed listings of artists, dancers, actors, musicians, makers, technicians, tutors, writers, performers. Add yourself for free!
  • Two in a Bar - A growing source of information on the two-in-a-bar problem.
  • Action for Music - Campaigning against PELs
  • Bristol Music Services - John Pitts, a Bristol based composer, who offers composing, typesetting and arranging services.
  • Keytempo - Another good online source for locating musicians and groups worldwide.
  • Salamander Music - An entertainment agency run by musicians. Incorporating The Any Event Barndance and Ceilidh Co.
  • Teachers At Home - Music teachers agency.
  • Wed 2 Music - Directory of professional wedding entertainers, musicians, venues, bands etc.
  • Across the Pond - Details of Folk, Country and Blues radio shows across the UK.
  • Folk on the Radio - UK - Another list of Folk Radio programmes in the UK.
  • TAXI - the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.
  • - Great site for listing your gigs, or finding gigs near you! Excellent resource for bands in it's early stages. Add your gigs or venues to this growing database!
  • - A site dedicated to folky news.
  • Toby Amies - Top notch photography for bands and musicians.
  • The Folk Directory - Searchable (& growing) database of clubs, sessions and festivals in the UK. User maintained - add the clubs and sessions you go to.
  • Sheet Music Man - USA based website selling sheet music.
  • The Session - Great place to swap traditional tunes. A great mix of the familiar and the new.
  • ABC Tune Finder - Find tunes published on the web in ABC format.
  • Creating the Band - A service for musicians who are looking to join bands/ensembles.
  • SoundAwesome - Community website for bands and musicians to publish and share their music, and meet like minded musicians
  • Shevsound - Sussex based, specialising in the recording of any type of group or ensemble on location in and around the South East.
  • Lighthouse Studio - Lighthouse Studio is a Premium CD Mastering Studio located in North London, UK, offering the highest quality Redbook Audio CD Mastering.
  • Kuu Studios - London based recording studio & other musical services.
  • AmberWyvern Records - Studio which specializes in the production, distribution, and sales of Celtic, Medieval, and Renaissance style music.
  • Shay's Studio - Recording Studio close to Galway City, Eire.
  • Solitaire Residential Recording Studio in Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, Ireland.

If you would like us to link to your folk music site, (preferably in return for a link back to this site!) Please Email me - Pete McClelland (Pete@Hobgoblin.Co.UK)